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Hi Everyone! I'm a working mother of 5 and I like to travel with my family. As I've gotten older I'm appreciating quality over quantity and believe some of my children's best memories will be adventures we explore together. When we are vacationing together we are putting down the video games, turning off the TV, making memories and experiencing the world together. I hope the exposure to different States, Countries & cultures will help them find their passion in life. 


Collectively my family has visited over 20 countries, and Hawaii too many times to count and I'm not rich by any means. For me, the planning and looking forward to something is almost as much fun as the vacation itself. It's like planning a party or a wedding; the anticipation builds up and after the event, I want to do it again!


I follow families and travel bloggers on Instagram with these beautiful, flawless, professional photographs of Maldives, and people who sold everything to travel the world, and are now traveling the world on Sponsor's money. But that's not reality for most of us, and unfortunately not for me. I have to work, I have to save money, work around my kid's school calendar, and try to find lots and lots of discounts! We miss flights, my husband and I fight, and my kid's have meltdowns. So I'm starting this blog for us folks living in the real world to help one another with tips and tricks to finding deals, packing, traveling, using each other's itineraries, and share experiences with one another of where to go, what to do, and what not to do, when creating family vacations on a real-life budget. With all the research I've done, I'm excited to share my ideas to help make it easier for your planning and I hope y'all will share your tips and tricks with me.


Welcome to Families Who Travel!



I'm a mother of 5! My first 3 children I had when I was young. They're adults now and travel with us when they can. I work full-time but enjoy traveling every chance I get. Follow our journeys and share yours with us!


Age 5

Hi Everyone, I am the youngest of 5. Most of the places we're visiting are my first time. Follow us on our adventures and tell us about yours.

2nd Youngest

Age 7

Hi I'm Zaylie. I am the second youngest of 5. But I'm the big sister on most of our trips because my other sisters and brother are doing their own thing. Come along with us!

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